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Job at BOA: Teacher 1+2
Favorite Word: Awesome
Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Favorite Beverage: Cold Water

Favorite Snack: White Cheddar Popcorn
Favorite Local Restaurant: Panera Bread
Role Model: My wonderful & hardworking Mom
Wanderlust Destination: Ireland
"Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much
from his failures as from his successes."- John Dewey

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Visalia, Gloria initially learned about her passion for education at a very early age.  Inspired by the great teachers and staff she encountered through her academic years in LA and Visalia, she realized her calling. She attended Visalia schools through most of her schooling, beginning at Golden Oak and graduating from Golden West High School.  Fascinated by a potential future in teaching, she began volunteering and shadowing various teachers in Visalia while still attending high school.  With great determination and effort, she continued her education as a first generation college student.  


At Fresno State, she was inspired by her experiences at the Child Development Center and it reinforced her drive to lead an innovative classroom.  After earning her Bachelor’s Degree, she was excited by the promise of a more meaningful education when she learned about the opening of Sycamore Valley Academy.  Gloria is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Teaching and is enthusiastic about the future at The Academies.  Following three marvelous years as an Instructional Aide and two years in grades 1/2 at SVA she is thrilled to be teaching in a 1st and 2nd grade classroom at Blue Oak Academy.  With strong passion and work ethic she continues to strive for The Academies mission and to empower learners to be year round scholars. When she’s not on campus or running, Gloria can be found at various local hotspots such as Charcuterie or Bravo Farms. In her spare time she also enjoys traveling with her husband and visiting National Parks as often as she can.  

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."- Marie Curie
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